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Speech Teletherapy Dallas

What is required for online services? (Including Therapy, Reading Programs and Tutoring)

  • For online services your child will need a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with speakers and a webcam
  • We e-mail a link for the parent to set up a username and password prior to the first session
  • Parents receive e-mails for teletherapy sessions and click on the link at their child’s appointment time on the device their child will be using
  • Depending on services needed, students may need to know how to type, use the touchscreen or mouse to manipulate text, objects/items on screen, or have a parent who can assist with this
  • The video and audio quality are best on a computer with a web camera; a laptop also works well though you may want to use speakers or headphones for better audio
  • If a computer or laptop is not available clients may use their tablets (Android or I-Pad) or even a mobile phone
  • There may be a delay or connection issues when using a cell phone, so we recommend using a computer, laptop or tablet when available

What is your platform like for online speech language teletherapy?

  • Our online system contains Apps, visual boards and games to help keep students engaged
  • Students practice speech with memory games or spinners, make up sentences with interactive scenes, follow directions, take notes, and work on other communication and literacy skills
  • Individual stories and materials are uploaded on the screen for specific targeting of the child’s goals with written materials
  • We can e-mail materials, homework, and stories to parents which may be printed from home
  • Note that students will not be able to view paragraph level stories on a cell phone

What are the restrictions of Online Speech-Language Teletherapy?

  • Keep in mind that speech teletherapy online is not for all clients
  • Some children need in clinic visits, especially young ones or those that require a lot to stay engaged
  • During the COVID crisis we have advised more clients to move to teletherapy, with the assurance that parents may choose to attend in clinic at any later time if that is preferred
  • Our clinic would not generally recommend teletherapy services for children under the age of 3, though there could be exceptions

What if my child qualifies for Speech-Language Therapy and needs more help with reading and/or schoolwork?

  • Parents have the option of adding Tutoring or Reading Program sessions concurrent with their child’s Speech-Language Therapy
  • We schedule an hour of time for your child and provide two bills with separate charges
  • We bill insurance or collect a co-pay or private pay cost for 30- minutes of Therapy, and bill parents separately for the 30- minute Tutoring or Reading Program session

Who can benefit from Online Speech Language Therapy?

  • Our team aims to inspire and empower our students with online speech language therapy from the comfort of your home computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Teletherapy works well for most students who have experience with formal education
  • If your child has trouble attending to structured tasks, we may request that a parent or adult help the child stay engaged during sessions
  • Children as young as Pre-School 3- and 4- have shown success with teletherapy with some assistance from a parent
  • Elementary, Junior High, and High School students thrive on computer interaction, but LIVE computer interaction is even better, and online therapy is customized to meet their needs

How do we get started with Online Speech Language Teletherapy?

  • The intake process for in clinic and teletherapy services is the same
  • We start with either a Screening or comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation
  • We offer Free Screenings where you and your child can meet with an SLP for a “mini-test”
  • Screenings help us know if the child may qualify before you commit to a full Evaluation
  • After the Speech-Language Evaluation the SLP writes a report with individual goals for therapy
  • Families have the option to do Screenings and Evaluations at our Dallas clinic or online
  • Therapy sessions are scheduled once or twice weekly with hours available between 9:00am to 7:00pm during the week and 10:00am to 6:00pm on Saturdays

Online Speech Therapy

Will my child’s health insurance cover teletherapy services?

  • Due to the current health crisis many insurance companies have made it easier for SLPs to serve clients online
  • We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, TriCare, and Medicaid Parkland, Amerigroup, Children’s, and TMHP insurance
  • We collect co-pays electronically with a credit card on file for each session; contact us to discuss additional payment options
  • We offer a sliding scale for private pay families, please call to see how we can help

What if my child does not qualify for Speech-Language Therapy but is struggling academically?

Here is a quick summary of those services:

  • Tutoring is intended for students that have a moderate level of difficulty but can grasp grade-level material with a skilled Tutor (bachelor’s level professional)
  • Tutoring is intended to assist students with their current coursework, though supplemental materials may be provided as needed
Reading Programs
  • Reading Programs are designed and implemented by a Speech-Language Pathologist with a master’s degree in Communication Disorders
  • Reading Programs include a Standardized Reading Evaluation and specific reading goals with a written report
  • Reading Programs will boost skills for students with a more individualized approach, and are invaluable for students that are behind academically

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