We’re an award-winning speech therapy and reading clinic, loved by parents. Our passionate speech pathologists create a supportive, fun environment for children’s success in school and life. 

We accept BCBS and most Medicaid plans. For out-of-network insurance clients and private pay, we offer flexible pricing options. Our mission is to help your child become a speech therapy graduate. The joy on kids’ faces when they earn their Graduation Certificates is why we love our work every day!

Cost of Speech Therapy

Pre-Paid Speech Therapy Packages

Sign up today and save upto 50% on your session costs with our package pricing. Additionally, when you choose our packages, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to get a comprehensive evaluation for just $400. These special rates apply to both speech therapy and reading services.

8 Sessions *

$ 110 Per session
  • 8 Speech Therapy Sessions
  • Package Price $880
  • With Evaluation $1280

24 Sessions

$ 80 Per session
  • 24 Speech Therapy sessions
  • Package Price $1920
  • With Evaluation $2320
Best Price

16 Sessions

$ 90 Per session
  • 16 Speech Therapy sessions
  • Package Price $1440
  • With Evaluation $1840
What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel by noon the day prior to your appointment or you will be charged the cost of the session.

What if I don’t use all the sessions?

We want you to take advantage of discounts but will gladly refund unused sessions if your child progresses faster than expected.  Or for any reason at all. 

How does the Refund Policy work?

Unused sessions will be refunded based on the largest discount you reached.  For example, if you use 18 of 24 sessions, you will pay for 18 sessions at the $80 rate.  We would refund $240 for the unused 6 sessions. 

Summer Speech Camp

*All of our speech pathologists are amazing, and we always place clients with speech therapists that would be a good fit for the client to make progress. However, if a parent requires a specific speech language pathologist, the 8 session package is the lowest package price available, and will be subject to that speech therapist’s availability. 

We are happy to provide guidance after the free screening if you need an evaluation and on the number of sessions.  There’s no need to worry about over-buying, as we will gladly refund unused sessions if your child progresses faster than expected – or for any reason at all.