About Us

If you would like to speak with our staff regarding speech and reading services on behalf of your child!

In addition, for our insurance and private pay parents, our medical office staff does our billing, in addition to running our office smoothly and helping you with scheduling or rescheduling Evaluations and Therapy sessions or Reading Program sessions, which we offer on a private pay/sliding scale basis only.

Providing speech-language therapy within a focused context of reading and writing, while also working to break down barriers and re-build self-esteem, is a powerful combination that supports these children as they make a full-on reversal in their communication, their education, and their lives.

Welcome to Dallas Reading and Language Services, our special therapy clinic where we help children experience success, in school and in life!  At DRLS we “Embrace the Amazing” in every Child!  Our Speech Language Therapists passionately help clients accept their gifts, as well as develop tools and skills needed to move through their challenges.

As speech therapists, we know that children with speech language delays and disorders are at a higher risk of having learning difficulties.  Working directly with reading and written language, within a hierarchy alongside other goals, is the missing piece that can give these kids a way to get caught up, and to keep up in school as their progress generalizes to stronger academic language skills.

Dallas Reading and Language Services is a special training ground, where we all are discovering how to more deeply embrace a “whole child intervention” practice, with results that are at times no less then astonishing.

Whether your child has a mild speech delay or a significant speech language disorder, Therapy is an investment, that is meant to have long lasting results.  You are making an investment in the future of your child. 

As you enter our private practice your child will have a dedicated team of professionals, our therapy staff and graduate interns, who will guide you and your child through the therapy process.  Whatever challenges your child is experiencing with communication, academic language, or social difficulties, you don’t have to face this alone.  Our team is good at what we do, and we will put our heads together to provide the best that we can for your child.  With our collaborative approach, we expect to see changes happen throughout the therapy process.  Our Team naturally goes “the extra mile” for any client as needed and they are amazing people to work with.  I am so blessed to be building this special clinic alongside them.