Ms. Betzen provided speech and language services, as well as pre-reading assistance, to the children of Dallas Day School for a number of years. During that time, I observed a rare ability to connect with children, regardless of the presenting challenges.

“The children in our school were excited about their sessions with Ms. Betzen. Our teachers frequently remarked on the progress each child made. In addition, Ms. Betzen was a dedicated team member. She consistently sought to integrate her treatment strategies into the classroom as well as other therapies the child might be receiving.

“Parents often commented on how easy Ms. Betzen was to work with. She explained challenges and approaches in ‘parent-friendly’ language and always provided techniques that parents could implement at home to augment the therapy session.

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Ms. Betzen. If I had a loved one needing speech-language or reading services, Ms. Betzen would be my first call. Should anyone need additional information, please feel free to call (214-828-9900) or e-mail (tturnage@dallasservices.org) me.”

Dr. Thomas Turnage, Ph.D.

“Hooray for Dallas Reading and Language Services!

Rachel Betzen helped our autistic son not only improve his speech and articulation, but took him from a reluctant reader to a boy who now reads with confidence. Rachel‘s calm manner and patience was just the thing my son needed to help him overcome anxiety about speech and his frustration with reading.

“As a homeschooling family, Ms. Betzen advised me on how to conduct our language/phonics lessons to coordinate with the activities she conducted in therapy sessions. Her professionalism and commitment helped my son close the gap with his peers and to reach an age appropriate level for speech/language upon discharge from her care.

“He is now able to attend private school and is a star student in Reading and Language Arts.

“Thank you Rachel Betzen for making a difference in my child’s life and education.”

– Eileen Moore

“Before we met Ms. Betzen, Jaime was only talking a little, but we couldn’t understand him. He was in second grade and not reading at all. After he started therapy he began reading, we started to understand his words, and he began to talk a lot! He didn’t fight with us and helped around the house more.

“In third grade he went from an all special-ed class to a regular class. He worked with Rachel Betzen for three more years and got caught up in school. Jaime is now in eleventh grade, doing very well, and plans to go to college. We will never forget Rachel and what she did for Jaime and our family.”

– Natalia Salazar